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Raybo Well Control is a highly "Specialized" Snubbing Company that accommodates both Deep Well/High Pressure situations.


  • Two 5K-Truck-Mounted, Rig Assist Snubbing Units
  • Specializing in Deep Well/High Pressure Scenarios
  • Can Snub up to 5000 PSI
  • Completions & Work-overs
  • Ram to Ram Snubbing/High Pressure Package
  • Equipped with the latest technology such as "Rig-Smart Ram Indicators"
  • Fishing and other remedial applications
  • Highly experienced Snubbers, Operators and Supervisors on every job
  • Equipment is fully certified & engineered to Industry Standards


Other applications include:


  • Stripping
  • Fishing
  • Stimulation
  • Under-balanced drilling


Raybo Well Control is fully certified and in compliance at all times.  Our goal is to meet or exceed your expectations on all levels and to provide you with the type of service that not only serves your needs but in the end establishes Raybo Well Control as a reliable & dependable company to do business with as well. 


All equipment whether it is on a Raybo Well Control Unit or in our Shop comes fully certified and in compliance to Industry Standards.  Any components that need to be re-certified is done so before the recommended date or it is replaced. 







100% Canadian Owned & Operated

Raybo Well Control Ltd

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